This program is conducted in association with the Grief Recovery Institute. While this program is primarily for parents and other principal guardians, it is also valuable for counselors, teachers, clergy and anyone else who has a custodial relationship with children, to help children deal with the pain, confusion and other emotions caused by losses of all kinds. An important point to remember is that children will unconsciously ‘model’ or copy our behaviour. This program gives you a wonderful opportunity to see how much of an influence you are to your children and it will allow you to see that you can still teach them by setting new and better examples for them to copy. The good news is that as we change, they will too. The purpose of this Educational Study Group is to teach you how to guide your children in completing their relationship to the pain, isolation and loneliness caused by a significant emotional loss of any kind.



Number of sessions6
Length of each session2 hours
Full payment due at the first session