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Simply defined, grief is the normal and natural reaction to significant emotional loss of any kind. While we never compare losses, any loss would include death and divorce as obvious losses. Our list also includes many others; retirement, moving, pet loss, financial and health issues etc.

Six myths

Time heals, grieve alone, be strong, don’t feel bad, replace the loss, keep busy


Individual and group programs available

The Grief Recovery Method Outreach Program provides the correct action choices that help people move beyond the pain caused by loss. There is a ten-week program, which creates a safe environment in which to look at old beliefs about dealing with loss; to look at what losses have affected your life; and to take new actions which lead to completion of the pain attached to one of those losses.

There are those grievers who prefer the one-on-one approach to grief recovery. If this is applicable to you, a seven-week program is available where you are asked to make the commitment to recovery by participating in the required number of sessions, which lead to completion of the pain attached to one or more losses.

About me

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when we ask the question “What is the meaning of my life”?

For me, through my own journey of challenges, I have learned to be a much better version of myself, by first accepting where I was at. Obstacles are there for everyone to experience, you are never alone – eventually we understand why, as we overcome them, and get to see the truth that lies beyond. With all the strife we have on our planet today and all of life’s struggles that we all face, we continually learn about the power of love that brings profound healing, it can change situations in an instant, if one chooses to embrace it.

Sometimes, the most vulnerable moments in my life, taught me through the surrender to see past the illusion and struggle, to the truth and light within. I’ve learned that some areas of my life are orchestrated by a force that is bigger than myself. I have always been a spiritual person with a life-long interest in bringing joy and love to others. I take great joy and satisfaction in meeting new people and helping them find the words to express themselves, openly and honestly, both to themselves and to others. I am truly passionate about helping them connect to one another and to celebrate life.

When I became a Grief Recovery Specialist, I did so with a compassion in my heart to help grievers that just can’t seem to see past the grief and understand that recovery is possible. Grief is so individual and unique. I am honoured and filled with joy to be able to help those who now need to look at a different tomorrow without a loved one.

My journey has taught me, as well, that if you want to make any kind of change to the situations in your life, it must begin with the thoughts you create in your mind. Your thoughts affect how you perceive what is in front of you – how you interpret that ‘self-talk’ that lives inside your head. We suffer so much when we assume that our thoughts are real – they are ‘just thoughts’.  We do have choices that can change outcomes. We learn brokenness. We are not born with it.

Theresa Malnar

Instead of the negative talk, re-direct your perception and appreciate the acts of kindness in your life as well as the kindness to your personal self through a different perspective. Through my own self-discovery I have learned that everyone needs help with self- understanding and change, how powerful the journey can be when you have support and encouragement to be your most authentic self.

As I encourage and teach, I too, am inspired to be better and authentic. It is such a privilege to walk with people as we journey through life together. People have taught me in some way or another and have given me the courage to take the next step toward continuing with completion of aspects and losses in my own life.

“I am not the voice in my head, who am I then? The one who sees that” – Byron Katie


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